15 K-Pop B-Sides That Might Be Better Than The Title Tracks


“OK!” by NCT

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Favorite lyrics: “My baby say she wanna dance with a ghost / She wants to leave me, yeah”

Starting off strong with the kings of amazing B-sides. This track really gave NCT the opportunity to show off their rap skills along with some smooth vocals to balance out the flow. The chorus took TikTok by storm when NCT Universe came out, and for good reason.


“Blue Flame” by Le Sserafim

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Favorite lyrics: “As long as it burns, I can’t stop my desire”

Le Sserafim had a huge debut in May of this year (2022). If you’re a K-pop stan, I’m sure you’ve heard their debut title track “Fearless” and other B-side “Sour Grapes,” but “Blue Flame” is definitely my personal favorite from the album.


“Opening Sequence” by Tomorrow X Together

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M2 Hybe / Via

Favorite lyrics: “You in the faded film, your gaze that erased me”

This is one of my favorite TXT songs of all time, purely because of its haunting sound that we don’t hear as much from the group! TXT is a group that is continuously proving their music range and duality, and I’m so excited to see more concepts like this in their future.


“WOW” by Loona

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TongTongCulture Blockberry Creative / Via

Favorite lyrics: “This hidden place / Will satisfy you now”

Loona has endless amazing title tracks as well as B-sides, but this one really sticks out to me as one that could have (and maybe should have) been a powerful title track. Thankfully, we at least got some performances out of this banger!


“Gone” by Twice

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Favorite lyrics: “I see the lies on the tip of your tongue / All of my faith in you / Disappear like a fog, gone, gone”

Twice proving they are the IT girls once again with this breakup anthem from their latest album (BTW, the whole thing is no skips). It’s one of those songs you need to listen to on your hot girl walk while pretending you’re in the music video.


“DON QUIXOTE” by Seventeen

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Favorite lyrics: “I just wanna feel the vibes / A night where I burned my everything”

In my humble opinion, this B-side has one of the group’s best bridge breakdowns to date.


“Attention, please!” by ENHYPEN

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ENHYPEN Hybe / Via

Favorite lyrics: “The closer I get to my dream / The farther away I feel from you”

This song really stuck out to me because it almost sounds more like a Korean rock band than a K-pop group. Seeing this range from them makes me so excited for what’s to come in the future!



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Liloenta High Up Entertainment / Via

Favorite lyrics: “Out of sight, out of mind / It doesn’t seem like that’s true for me”

You might know STAYC from their more popular hyper-pop title tracks like “ASAP” and “RUN2U,” but diving into their B-sides will give you a whole other side to their range and vocal talent.


“Magic Shop” by BTS

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Favorite lyrics: “I wanted to become your comfort and move your heart / I want to take away your sadness and pain”

It goes without saying that BTS has endless amazing B-sides from their nine studio albums, and believe me, it was extremely hard narrowing it down to this one. I had to include this one because of the beautiful lyricism behind the track. If you’re in the mood to cry, make sure to look up the lyric translations!


“Teddy Bear” by NCT Dream

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NCT DREAM SM Entertainment / Via

Favorite lyrics: “I won’t let go of your hand / Let’s go into your dream”

The NCT Dream boys really know how to make a song that you’re gonna have to listen to on repeat. I had to highlight this one because it really showcases the growing maturity of the group compared to some of their earlier tracks!


“Bamboleo” by Red Velvet

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Red Velvet SM Entertainment / Via

Favorite lyrics: “Even if I mess up this night, fine / Dance like once in a lifetime”

“Bamboléo” is a Spanish word that means “sway” or “wobble,” and that is exactly what this song makes me want to do. Feel My Rhythm was a great EP for Red Velvet where I feel they truly explored their red and velvet concepts, the soft and the dark. This track stands out to me because it has a perfect balance between the two!


“Butterfly” by P1Harmony

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P1Harmony FNC Entertainment / Via

Favorite lyrics: “One more time / I try my best to spread my wings”

This is my favorite P1Harmony song for SO many reasons, and I will never forgive them for not making this one a title track! From the vocals to the rap to the lyricism, this song has so many strengths. It’s one of those songs that makes you want to cry and dance at the same time.


“Firework” by GOT7

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GOT7 JYP / Via

Favorite lyrics: “At the end of this wandering / I hope you can laugh”

I was lucky enough to hear this song live, and after the performance, it immediately became one of my favorite GOT7 tracks! They have countless great B-sides, but this one really stood the test of time, so I had to include it.


“Lucid Dream” by Aespa

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aespa SM Entertainment / Via

Favorite lyrics: “Wandering like I was possessed constantly by you / No, no, no, I can’t stop love”

Aespa has been a group to watch since their debut, and this song just further proves that. The electric sound layered with their smooth vocals makes this track extremely satisfying and almost addicting. This is for sure a B-side that deserves to be put on repeat.


“Gravity” by EXO

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EXO SM Entertainment / Via

Favorite lyrics: “You said I was your future / Am I now just your past?”

Last but certainly not least, you know I had to include EXO in this list. Another group with a very extensive and impressive discography that was very hard for me to narrow down. This song just has everything that makes EXO great: vocals, rap, lyricism, sexy vibes, and everything in between!

These were just some of my favorite B-sides, but I’m always looking to expand my playlist. Let us know which ones I missed in the comments!

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