Gary Busey ‘maybe’ just needed a toilet: rep pictured with pants down

Gary Busey’s rep gives the actor the benefit of the doubt after he recently drop your pants for all to see.

“Gary often sits on a bench in front of his house to meditate and look out over the ocean,” a spokesperson for Busey, 78, told Page Six on Tuesday.

“Our only guess is that perhaps at his age he realized he couldn’t get to the bathroom in time, which would explain what happened in the video of him on the bench.”

Paparazzi caught the “Point Break” star dropping his pants across the street from his California home on Saturday, the day after he was killed. accused of sex crimes.

Busey’s spokesman stressed to Page Six that the bench where the incident occurred was on private property.

Gary Busey
A rep for Gary Busey wonders if the actor pulled his pants down in front of everyone because he needed to go to the bathroom.
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However, Page Six confirmed that the incident took place in full view, as that is how the video was filmed.

The footage shows Busy sitting on a bench outside his Malibu home with black sweatpants on his knees and looking around with a smile.

Gary Busey
“Our only guess is that perhaps at his age he realized he couldn’t get to the bathroom in time, which would explain what happened on the video of him on the bench,” Busey’s rep told Page Six.

The actor appeared to have his arms crossed over his legs before untying his pants to get them on properly. It remains unclear if Busey abandoned them because he needed to relieve himself. But this isn’t the first time he’s taken his pants off in front of others.

Busy appeared in the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother in 2014 and got into a heated argument with several housemates over taking off his pants during filming.

Gary Busey
The Celebrity Big Bother UK alum has pulled his pants down in public before.

“When my knee pops out from the side, I sit down and bandage my knee. You haven’t been to the doctor,” Busey said on the show, explaining why he dropped his pants. You didn’t have any problems with your knee.

In the video taken by the paparazzi on Saturday, Busy does not appear to be adjusting his knee, but we could not confirm if he experienced a similar problem.

Busey’s latest episode comes after allegations that he groped two people at a Monstromania convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey earlier this month.

On Friday, he was charged with two counts of criminal sexual contact, one count of attempted crime/criminal sexual contact, and one count of harassment as a result of the allegations.

Gary Busey
Busey was recently charged with several sex offences.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Busey was injured in a near-fatal motorcycle accident in 1988, which his loved ones say changed his behavior.

As a result of the plane crash, he suffered severe damage to the frontal lobe of the brain, which made him “more impulsive and prone to anger and megalomania”. 2019 Hollywood Reporter profile.

“The post-crash version turned his personality into 11,” Busey’s eldest son, Jake, said at the time. “I feel like I lost my father on December 4, 1988.”

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