Hoverpen 3.0 Future Edition


A new Fountain pen is set to hit the market – the Hoverpen 3.0 Future Edition. Developed by Novium, the Future Edition has been launched via a Kickstarter campaign. It has successfully exceeded its pledge goal and already has over 360 backers. The project also has over 39 backers in total, proving that there are plenty of people interested in the product.

Fountain pen with gravity-defying stand

Hoverpen 3.0 Future Edition
Hoverpen 3.0 Future Edition

The Hoverpen 3.0 fountain pen with gravity-defying support is a work of art and a work of stationery. With a silky, low-pressure finish, this self-supporting pen writes smoothly and with a comfortable grip. It has been designed for the most fervent of writers and is made with the highest precision. The pen’s magnetic balance must be exact – less than one millimeter of dissimilarity can make the pen lose its magnetism.

The futuristic design of the Hoverpen 3 inspires daydreams and wonder. Its minimalist aesthetics, as well as the precision of its ink flow, give it a futuristic appeal. The Hoverpen 3.0 fountain pen with a gravity-defying stand was developed by the Novium design studio and launched on Kickstarter. It’s already exceeded its pledge target, with more than 360 backers.

The HoverPen is available for just $59 during its Kickstarter campaign. The hoverPen is a modern, eye-catching piece that will be the focal point of your office or workspace. This pen is described as the world’s first vertically-standing pen and comes with an innovative pedestal that generates a magnetic field to help keep it in place.

Crowdfunding campaign for HOVERPEN 3.0

Hoverpen has announced a crowdfunding campaign to produce its Minimalist Fountain Pen. The pen is compatible with refill ink cartridges from Cross and is designed to be a simple and sleek writing tool. The pen boasts a sturdy body made from titanium and master-crafted aluminum.

The Future Edition has a high-end finish and is priced at $59 during the crowdfunding campaign. It’s a stylish addition to any workspace and reinvents the old pen design while adding a sleek executive finish. Its stand uses magnets to hold the pen at an angle of 60 degrees. The campaign is currently ongoing, but early bird commitments are available for as little as PS109 to PS81, depending on the exchange rate.

Design inspiration

The Hoverpen 3.0 is a futuristic-looking pen that floats on a 60-degree magnetic field. It was designed to inspire daydreams and a sense of wonder. It is made from aircraft-grade materials and is built to defy gravity. The futuristic pen is expected to ship in July 2022.

Currently, the Hoverpen is in its crowd-funding phase. For more information, please visit the crowdfunding page for HOVERPEN 3.0. There are a number of ways you can support the campaign. You can choose to contribute to the campaign with a pledge or as collateral. There are also a variety of different targets and media options available for backers.

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