Marg Helgenberger Teases “Emotional” Return for her CSI Character Catherine Willows – E! Online

But the revival wasn’t as simple as an open-and-closed investigation. During this season, Helgenberger shared, someone close to Catherine goes missing, and the investigator is the only person who can solve it.

“There’s an episode where it’s just one crime, that Anthony Zuikerwho created CSIwrote for me, and that was one of the hardest episodes I’ve ever shot in my life,” she teased. “It was just very emotional.”

Overall, however, Helgenberger said it was easy to slip back into the role of Catherine, because she has so much confidence in her role as a criminalist.

“She has so much conviction for what she does, and so much passion for what she does,” the actress noted. “There isn’t time to worry about anything—certainly not to worry about what others think of her.”

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