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How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2024 [Legit Ways]

Navigating the Instagram Verification Maze in 2024: The Quest for the Blue Tick

In the ever-evolving realm of social media, the coveted blue tick on Instagram has morphed into a symbol of legitimacy and influence. It not only bestows a sense of authority but also catapults your visibility, potentially swinging open doors to new and exciting opportunities. Yet, in the landscape of 2024, with the advent of Meta Verified, the question looms large: How does one secure that elusive blue badge on Instagram? This article aims to dissect the legitimate pathways to achieve this coveted status.

Understanding the 2024 Verification Landscape:

Before embarking on this quest, it’s imperative to grasp the two primary verification avenues in 2024:

  1. Traditional Verification: The organic, free route dictated by Instagram’s internal criteria, primarily designed for public figures and businesses.
  2. Meta Verified: The novel, paid subscription service that not only provides verification but also throws in perks like priority customer support and profile boosts.

Traditional Verification: Crafting Notoriety and Authenticity

For those inclined towards the free verification badge, the focus should center on building the account’s notability and authenticity. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Be Genuine or Be a Business Titan: Instagram showers love on accounts representing public figures, celebrities, and established businesses.

2. Cultivate a Killer Feed: Consistency is the key. Regularly post visually appealing and informative content pertinent to your niche.

3. Organic Growth is the Key: Eschew the allure of buying fake followers or deploying bots. Genuine engagement with your audience is the true game-changer.

4. Secure Media Mentions: Elevate your credibility by securing mentions in reputable news outlets, blogs, or industry publications.

5. Fortify Your Online Presence: Actively participate in other social media platforms, and consider creating a website or blog to cement your online identity.

6. Play by Instagram’s Rules: Strict adherence to Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines is non-negotiable to avoid potential roadblocks.

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The Application Process for Traditional Verification:

Once your account exudes confidence, take these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings and tap on Account.
  2. Opt for Request Verification.
  3. Populate the form with your username, full name, and category.
  4. Attach a photo of your government-issued ID (for individuals) or official business documents (for businesses).
  5. Submit your application and brace yourself for Instagram’s verdict.

Note: Patience is paramount as verification may take weeks or even months. Don’t be disheartened by initial rejections; refine your strategy and reapply when substantial progress has been made.

Meta Verified: The Paid Express Lane to Verification

For those seeking a faster route, Meta Verified introduces a subscription-based verification option, albeit with specific requirements and associated fees:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Minimum age of 18.
  • A public or private profile linked to your full name and a profile picture featuring your face.
  • Consistent activity that meets minimum requirements.
  • Possession of a valid photo ID aligning with your profile details and image.
  • Activation of two-factor authentication on your profile.
  • Unwavering adherence to Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.

Subscription Costs:

  • $11.99 per month on the web.
  • $14.99 per month on iOS and Android.

Perks of Going Meta Verified:

  • The revered verified badge.
  • Priority customer support.
  • Profile elevation in search and Explore.
  • Exclusive discounts and promotional offers.

The Dilemma: Traditional vs. Meta Verified

The choice between traditional verification and Meta Verified hinges on your budget, timeline, and objectives. If you possess the financial means and value the additional perks, Meta Verified can expedite the process. On the flip side, if patience aligns with your strategy, and organic growth is the goal, the traditional path can be equally rewarding in the long run.

Bonus Tips for the Blue Tick Aspirant:

  • Network with the Verified Elite: Establish connections with influential figures in your domain; it can enhance your visibility and catch the attention of Instagram’s verification team.
  • Craft Compelling Content: Strive to produce content that educates, entertains, or inspires, adding tangible value to your audience’s lives.
  • Consistency is Key: Building a thriving Instagram account demands time and effort. Persevere through setbacks, continuously refine your content, and engage with your audience.

Remember: While the blue tick is undeniably cool, it’s not the ultimate goal. Focus on nurturing a genuine audience, creating valuable content, and positioning yourself as a trusted voice within your niche. In doing so, the coveted blue tick may naturally find its way to your profile.

This comprehensive guide aspires to be your beacon on the path to Instagram verification in 2024. With unwavering dedication, strategic finesse, and a pinch of patience, you can manifest your social media aspirations and unlock the full potential of your online presence.

Best of luck on your Instagram journey! 🌟

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